Criminal Defence Team

Bernstein Newman and Associates is a leading criminal defence law firm. We practice exclusively in the area of criminal law. We do not prosecute or sue for damages. We do not engage in corporate, commercial, civil, contracts, or real estate work. It is our belief that it is better to do one thing really well. This is why we restrict our practice to criminal trials, involving all offences prosecuted under the Criminal Code of Canada, such as murder, firearms and weapons, drug-related offences, assaults, sexual assaults, child pornography, fraud, white collar crimes, drinking and driving, and young offender offences.

At Bernstein Newman and Associates, our criminal defence lawyers have the staff and the resources to treat your case with the attention and care needed to achieve excellent results and to put you at ease. We work with you to provide you with skillful and zealous representation at every stage of the criminal process, from arrest through to trial. Let us do the worrying so you don’t have to.

The Partners and Associate lawyers at our firm all have extensive experience and training in the field of criminal law. We have successfully defended all types of criminal cases. We endeavour to keep you informed, so that you know what is happening at each step in your case and what will happen with your case. We can also attend at court for you so that you don’t have to miss work or school. This kind of attention is quite often not possible with a smaller or one-person firm.

We provide the best defence possible and we have an extremely high rate of success. Good and thorough preparation means that the Crown Attorney, or Prosecutor, will withdraw the case more often, a better deal can be struck, or if the case does go to trial, we are more like to win

Principles of Criminal Law

When you are charged with an offence, the lawyers at our firm maintain two fundamental principles in criminal law:

1. That you are innocent until proven guilty. In criminal law, ‘innocence’ and ‘guilt’ are legal terms, and have nothing to do with whether you have actually committed a crime. It is the burden of the Crown to prove that you are guilty of an offence, applying the rules of evidence and the law.

2. That the Crown proves the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a difficult burden for the Crown to overcome. In criminal law, proof on a balance of probabilities is not enough. This why one may be found innocent of criminal charges and yet be found guilty in a civil lawsuit.

If you are facing criminal charges, it is vital that you to hire a competent criminal defense lawyer with knowledge of, and experience in navigating through, the law and the courts. At Bernstein Newman and Associates, from the earliest stages of preparation to the actual trial itself, we make it our commitment to fight for your rights. Call us now for professional and confidential counsel on your case.